University Partners

Bonne Bay Marine Station works closely with many different components and parts of Memorial University. We are under the direction of the Faculty of Science located on the St. John's campus. Our many collaborators and partners are listed below.

  • Faculty of Science-St. John's Campus
  • Biology Department-St. John's Campus
  • Department of Ocean Sciences-Logy Bay
  • Biology Co-op Program-St. John's Campus
  • Biology Student Society (BIOS)-St. John's Campus
  • Office of Public Engagement-St. John's Campus
  • C&C -St. John's Campus
  • Facilities Management-St. John's Campus
  • Marketing & Communications-St. John's Campus
  • ITS Grenfell Campus
  • Division of Science-Grenfell Campus
  • Division of Social Science-Grenfell Campus
  • Division of Fine Arts-Grenfell Campus

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