Our Team


Dr. Duncan McIlroyInterim Director 709 458 2550
Allison EatonManager709 458 2550
Dennis RumboltMaintenance Technician709 458 2550
Laurie Haycock Residence Coordinator709 458 3170
Jocelyn PayneAdministrative Assistant709 458 2550


 Researchers & Instructors

NameTitle (Affiliation)Research Area
Dr. Suzanne Dufour Assistant Professor, Biology, MUN Chemoautotropic symbiosis in thyasirid bivalves
Dr. Michele DuRand Research Specialist, Department of Ocean Sciences, MUN Phytoplankton Ecology Bio-opical Oceanography
Dr. Susan Foster & Dr. John Baker Biology, Clark University Postglacial adaptive radiation of the threespine stickleback
Dr. Catherine Hood MUN Adjunct Professor, Marine Associate with Intervale By-catch of marine mammals in fishing nets
Dr. Robert Hooper Associate Professor, Biology, MUN Snow crab ecology and invasive species in Bonne Bay.
Dr. Duncan McIlroyProfessor, Canada Research Chair of Petroleum Geology, Earth Sciences, MUNBurrows in low oxygen sediments and sedimentary rocks of Gros Morne
Dr. Peter NoskoAssociate Professor, Biology/Environmental Science, Nipissing University Boreal Ecology of Balsam Fir in Gros Morne National Park
Dr. Craig Purchase Assistant Professor, Biology, MUN Evolutionary Ecology of Fishes Research Program
Dr. Helene Volkoff
Professor, Biology, Biochemistry, MUN
Fish Endocrine Physiology

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