The Bonne Bay Marine Station operates several research and teaching vessels. Students use small boats to access various habitats, to learn sampling techniques and to develop practical skills. We provide basic theoretical and practical boating instruction so students and researchers can attain Coast Guard standards for a Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate.

Two 6m aluminum boats, the "Icicle" and "Freezy", are available for nearshore research and teaching purposes, both are fitted with 65 horsepower motors. The Icicle is equipped with a davit for deployment of sampling equipment. Both boats can be transported by trailer to remote areas. Floater suits and life jackets are provided by the station. A Coast Guard certified boat operator is also available on request.

For boating information and user fees please contact the Manager,


Field Equipment

The Bonne Bay Marine Station operates and maintains a variety of field equipment for the collection of flora and fauna, and oceanographic and biological data acquisition. Equipment available for student teaching and collaborative research includes:

  • Plankton nets
  • Niskin bottles
  • Bottom grabs
  • Beach seine
  • Assorted collecting pots and nets
  • Salinity/Temperature meters

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