The Bonne Bay Marine Station and its location within the boundaries of a National Park and UNESCO World Heritage site provides physical, natural and social scientists with a unique facility and location for ecosystem and coastal community research.  There are unmatched opportunities for research in humanities and for scholarly activity in fine arts.  The biological importance of the region surrounding Bonne Bay is based on the tremendous biodiversity present in a range of geographical and geological settings from icy fiords and salmon estuaries, to Arctic kelp beds and salt marshes, and the open marine waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The coastal communities in the Gros Morne region have highly diverse economies, histories and cultures, reflecting a long history of settlement by different peoples drawn to the region to become involved in fisheries, forestry, tourism, the arts and service industries. The communities and their demographics are the focus of ongoing research. 

The Bonne Bay Marine Station promotes collaboration among researchers from university, industry, government and local community groups across disciplines. Ongoing areas of active research include oceanography, marine ecology/biology, governance, community/economic development, and the distinctive culture and local heritage of the Bonne Bay region. Recent and ongoing projects include: the ecology of the commercially important snow crab and lobster; habitat sensitivity in Bonne Bay and invasive species; the biodiversity of the local ecosystems; studies of kelp and sea urchin aquaculture; research on fisheries policy, conservation and food security; and Dr. Pam Hall's recently published Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge. For inspiration and future research initiatives visit www.curra.ca.  The Community University Research for Recovery Alliance (CURRA) recently wrapped up a 5 year research effort housed at Bonne Bay Marine Station.

Users of the station enjoy well-equipped teaching and research facilities, including laboratories, library/resource centre, multimedia theatre, aquarium, and residence accommodation. The space can be adapted to suit the particular needs of individual courses, researchers and other scholars. In addition, the station has several small boats and equipment necessary to support a variety of field work needs. The Bonne Bay Marine Station is a premiere facility for teaching & learning, research and other scholarly activity set in a unique, beautiful and pristine coastal system.   

The Bonne Bay Marine Station is in a phase of growth and diversification. We are happy to welcome researchers from all disciplines of the Sciences and Arts to use the station as a base for their field studies.

The Bonne Bay Marine Station facilities and support services are available to researchers who wish to undertake research here. For further information on our research endeavours and on possible research opportunities please contact the Manager (allison.eaton@mun.ca).

Facility & Services fees may be charged for: general laboratory use and support, aquarium/tank space, and boating and dive support. For information on facility and service user fees please contact the Manager (allison.eaton@mun.ca).


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