Contact Allison Eaton, Manager by email or in person for registration procedures.  You must complete a course request form and forward to the Biology Department General Office. For additional information you may review the student info sheet.  

Course request forms and student info sheets are currently being updated for 2018.  Please check back January 2018 for updated information.


Non-Memorial University students are advised to contact as early as possible. During the spring/summer semester priority will be given to students taking all or most of the courses.



Consult the Memorial University Calendar for the tuition fees that apply to you. These vary with number of courses taken, citizenship, etc. Tuition fees are paid through the Registrars Office.



A reservation and security deposit of $100.00 per course, payable to the Bonne Bay Marine Station, is required at the time of registration. Avoidable damage to premises, floater suits/life jackets, or other equipment will be deducted from this deposit. The deposit, minus any deductions will be refunded following completion of all courses as per Memorial University trust fund policies. Responsible students always receive a full refund.


Accommodations and Laboratory Charges:

For accommodation advice, please contact Allison Eaton. Accommodation, meals and laboratory charges are $450 per course, payable to the Bonne Bay Marine Station. Students are not obligated to live at the Station. Non-resident students must pay the $50 per course laboratory charge.


Field Trips:

Some courses will involve field trips outside the Bonne Bay area. There will be additional charges for these trips. Refer to information on individual courses for related costs.



Memorial University students must follow University Calendar Regulations, and will generally have completed some basic 2nd year courses, especially B2600 (Ecology); outside students are expected to have a comparable background.

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