Our Facilities


Students and researchers can stay on-site in spacious comfortable residence accommodations, at reasonable rates. Our residence has 14 rooms with 30 beds. Most rooms are double occupancy, with en-suite bathroom and shower. All rooms are equipped with desks, and ethernet drops for each occupant. A self-catering suite is available for instructors or visiting researchers, and one room is handicapped accessible. On-site kitchen/dining area and laundry facilities are also available.


Kitchen/Dining Area

A fully equipped kitchen and dining area is available to researchers and students. Residents generally prepare meals from groceries provided by the station. The station staff work hard to ensure that dietary concerns and needs are met. For more information on meal planning please contact the Manager (allison.eaton@mun.ca). 


Research/Teaching Laboratories

Two research and teaching laboratories allow students and researchers to analyze data and conduct experiments. The principal laboratory can accommodate 30 students and is equipped with fume-hood, glass-washer, growth chamber, fridges, and microscopes. A second laboratory can accommodate smaller groups, graduate students, and visiting researchers. Both laboratories have internet connections, wireless access and video-conferencing capabilities.


A comfortable resource centre allows students and researchers access to library materials and computers, and provides a quiet place to study. Meetings, tutorials, small classes, and small group discussions can also be held in this room. This room is equipped with video-conferencing capabilities and wireless internet.


Our fully equipped multimedia theatre seats 60 people and can be used for lectures, presenations, conferences, workshops, retreats etc. The lecture theatre fire capacity is 86 people. Additional seating can be added to expand seating. The theatre is equipped to accomodate a variety of technological needs to enhance teaching. The equipment available includes a computer and projection system, VCR/DVD players, and video-conference unit.  


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