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The Bonne Bay Marine Station on Newfoundland's breath-taking west coast was first dedicated to expanding knowledge of marine ecology. We now strive to be: Multidiscplinary, Community-Engaged, Research Building, Experiential and leaders in Outreach.

Nestled in a quaint coastal community, this facility offers a host of services to students, researchers, educators and the general public.

The station is surrounded by Gros Morne National Park, the Bonne Bay area exhibits unparalleled diversity of habitat, marine plants, fish and invertebrates. This diversity cannot be matched anywhere else in north-eastern North America.
It has hosted and supported research, community-egaged research and training in the social and natural sciences, with involvement of humanists and artist and a focus on west coast Newfoundland communities and the Northern Gulf of St. Lawrence.
Equipped with teaching and research laboratories, library/resource centre, multimedia theatre, aquarium, residence accommodations, and small boats, the station offers students a premiere learning environment and researchers a first-rate facility for marine ecosystem research. 
Visitors, school and community groups can learn about our latest research while observing marine flora and fauna in the station's aquaria and touch tank.
Officially opened on 6 Sept, 2002, the Bonne Bay Marine Station is operated by Memorial University of Newfoundland and the Gros Morne Co-operating Association.

Our Mandate: 

  • To provide an infrastructure and environment that is supportive of first-class teaching and research in marine science.
  • To support significant activities in public education and regional economic development via its interpretive components, the gift shop, and other such programs as might be offered in its facilities.
  • The station is jointly operated by Memorial University and the Gros Morne Co-operating Association.

Our Vision:

Our vision for the BBMS of the future consists of a globally unique, internationally renowned centre that provides almost year-round opportunities for multidisciplinary research and experiential learning in the form of multiple field schools and life-long learning opportunities appropriate to the unique setting and facilities at the BBMS and to the region within which it sits. The future BBMS will sustain and expand its engagement with public outreach including to schools and to the wider local community and the almost 200,000 annual visitors to the Bonne Bay region each year. 


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